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Marble Surface
Marble Surface

The company was started the day before Thanksgiving in 1993 with the first snowfall of the season. I had stopped working for Clements in Rochester and had decided to do something new. I was already busy with lawn care and with the first snowfall, I was able to become full-time with the business. That first morning was memorable. I went to the truck, sat down and started shaking, thinking that I had just quit my job. As I got to the first job, the frightened feeling passed and I started enjoying the new career. That has been the feeling ever since; a feeling of enjoyment. Since it was a one man show, I did not need a lot of equipment the first year. The second year changed. Part-time help was added and additional equipment was needed. That repetition has pretty much been the case ever since. Presently, God has six of us working full-time with several additional part-time workers. We have equipment that not only delivers quality work at residential sites, but equipment that can handle big commercial sites as well. Whether you have a small or large outdoor maintenance job, we would love to work with you!  -- Mel

Marble Surface

Mel Koehler

President/ Founder 

Aaron Koehler

Chief Executive Officer 

June Koehler

Office Administrator 

Marble Surface

McKoy Jacobs 

Crew Foreman 

Nathan Troe

Crew Leader 

Moriah Koehler

Social Media 

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